You can use your templates to create documents on Salestrekker, but you can also use the application form that is presented in our system. This article will go through the steps to create it and also the required set up to have the information flowing smoothly to this form.

How to create a pdf. application form

Once you have entered all details under "Broker Tools" on both client profile and broker tools tabs you will be able to generate a pdf. application form. Under "Summary tab" on the top right of your screen you will see the "create documents" button, you can click on it and then click on "save application form".

Please note that system will require you to enter client and loan details before you can print this form. If information required is missing you won't be able to select the "save application form" button.

Once you have clicked on "save application form" your document will be saved under your documents tab, which is located under deal view. You will be able to download it and it will also be available to be emailed straight from the system.

Required set up

The application form will also include a 2 pages acknowledgement form. This form will use your account details to populate information about your business, aggregator and (if applicable) details of documents that need to be disclosed. Under settings >> my account you will find fields to enter your account professional licences details. Under Institution #1 you should enter your business name, Institution #2 your aggregator name, Institution #6 your disclosure document version (please only enter the number, no text) and ID #6 your disclosure document date (please only enter the date, no text).

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