Salestrekker integrates with Google offering contact sync (from Salestrekker to Gmail) and task sync (from Salestrekker to Gmail). There is also a Google Drive integration available (From Salestrekker to Drive). Note that Gmail integration is not available due to Google's restrictive integration requirements.

Activate integration

Gmail users can integrate one or all of these features in Settings > 3rd party integration screen.

Switch on the desired integration and select which account you wish to link:

Click on 'Allow' button to activate integration:

Using Google contact sync

Once integrated all Salestrekker contacts related to the Gmail user will automatically sync with Gmail. Note that this is not selective, i.e. all contacts will sync.

Contacts from Gmail do not sync back to Salestrekker.
Please also note that contacts in Salestrekker are to have a full email address to be able to sync; those with an incomplete email (i.e. contact@email.c) or with no email address added will not sync. 

If you have entered some of the info wrong while creating a new contact please bare in mind that you can amend that (ie. if you misspelled the contact name or email, entered one digit less to the phone number) in the next 25min from the moment the new contact was created. In this time frame the contact information will be updated in Google Contacts as well. 

Using Google task integration

Once a task is created in Salestrekker, and task integration is on, task related to Gmail account will appear in Gmail tasks.

Once subtasks or a task is closed in Salestrekker, it will be automatically closed in Gmail. Unfortunately, Google does not support reverse - closing tasks in Gmail will not close them in Salestrekker. 

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