If you wish to brand your organisation with your logo, before uploading it please be sure you resize and adjust it properly.

For preparing the logo for upload we recommend using the free online photo editing tool https://pixlr.com/

On the home page click on the “OPEN PIXLR EDITOR“ button.

In order to use the online tool you will first have to allow Flash to run in your browser. (Please note that if the confirmation pop-up in the upper left side doesn’t appear the first time you click the “here” text link, refresh your page and try once more).

In the editor welcome window select “CREATE A NEW IMAGE”.

For the image settings please fill out the fields as shown in the photo below (important> set width: 480; height: 80; check the “transparent” box).

Now that you have set the size for your canvas, go to the “Layer” tab at the top > select ”Open image as layer” to add your logo.

Find and select your logo from your computer and click the “Open” button.

Your logo will be added in full size, therefore you will need to resize it so it will fit inside the canvas. To do so please open the “Edit” tab at the top and select “Free transform”.

When you are satisfied the logo fits inside the canvas, proceed to save the image by clicking the “Open” tab at the top and selecting “Save…”

IMPORTANT: please be sure to select “PNG transparent” from the format drop down menu and then click on the “OK” button.

Select the location you wish the resized logo to be saved on your computer and confirm. 

Use this image to upload to your organisations Settings > Details tab so it can be saved to be your new header for the account, external notification e-mails etc. 

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