Once your organization is created, if your account has admin access, you can set up/change basic organization details, organization appearance and organization owner account.

Organization Details

These include:

  1. Name of the organization (can only be added/changed by the organization owner)

  2. Prefix and phone number (can be used for marketing and direct SMS)

  3. ABN

  4. Currency (selection here will apply to all currency fields in org)

  5. GST/VAT rate

  6. Time units (will default to minutes)

  7. Time zone (will use selected time zone for every time stamp in org)

  8. Date format (non-editable for any user - default will be DD/MM/YYYY for all)

  9. Time format (non-editable for any user - default will be AM/PM for all)

Organization location

You can then add your office address (enter street address in the first address search field (1) and pick the full address from the list in the drop down menu).

Note: If you are searching for a non AU/NZ address, you will first select the country from it's drop down field and then preform the search.

Organization professional licenses

You can also add any organization wide (business) licenses.

If you are using the aggregator (enterprise) version of Salestrekker, this is where your aggregator licenses will most commonly be added.

Every part of the license can be merged on your documents and emails.

Organization appearance

You can also add your organization logo and set the organization theme color.

For logo, please use a .png file with transparent background, horizontal 6:1 ratio.

Here is how you can adjust your logo.

The custom URL cannot be changed.

Organization owner

This last section of the org details will only be visible to the current Organization Owner account.

From the "Owner" drop down, they can choose a different account to take owner the full org ownership. Here is more info on how to make that change.

For more information, check out our video tutorial covering this topic.

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