Note: Tasks will by default be assigned to the user whose account was used for creating them from the mobile application. Task ownership along with other advanced options can later on be changed from our desktop web application. 

  1.  From the main tasks view:

First open the tasks view page by tapping the "Tasks" icon from the main page.

From there tap on the orange "+" icon to start creating a new task.

Here you will have the options to name the task, assign the due date and write a short comment.

Task created outside of a deal will not be connected to any specific deal or contact.

2. From a deal's Tasks view:

Open the deal where you want the new task to be added.

Tap on the "Tasks" icon at the bottom to open the deals task view.

By clicking on the orange "+" icon you will open the page where you can add new task information (task name, due date and comments).

Click on the "Save" button in the upper right corner to confirm and go back to the deal.

The task will show on the list in the deals task view and by tapping on it you will have the option to edit the task comments and/or mark the task as "completed"

Task created in deals will also show in the general task view from where you can also edit the task comments and mark the task as complete.

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