To access contact information, you can swipe from right to left side inside Deal screen, to get right pop-up sidebar to show. Since version 2.2 you are able to touch and hold on the contact information and get copy to clipboard option or progress to individual contact page by clicking on info icon.

For copy to clipboard option, just touch and hold on the entry you desire and the "Copy" option will become visible. After you press it, you will have desired information copied to your clipboard and you can use it wherever and whenever needed.

For opening a client profile, just press on info icon:

The contact screen will open and this way you will have information to Call / SMS / Email other contacts in a deal that are not primary.

You will be able to see your tasks and notes regarding this deal and on "+" (in top right corner) you will be able to add more notes and tasks. For more information on how to add notes an tasks click here.

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