On an enterprise level, admin accounts can create new organizations or organize existing ones.

This page is available only from Settings of the main enterprise organization.

Organizations are made out of Groups and their sub items, Branches.

Under Groups and Branches tab we have a list of all Groups active in the enterprise.

Groups are a great way to sort and manage companies doing business under one state for example. Users and Managing Agents added to any group can also create reports to view statistics for all Branches under that Group, their brokers and applications.

Create or delete an Organization

a) Create org

To create a new organization click on the "+ Add New" button in top right corner.

In the following pop-up window:

  1. If you are creating a Group, please make sure this checkbox is selected. If not, we will be creating a new Branch.

  2. "Name" of the new organization is required

  3. If we are creating a new Branch, we are also required to select a Group under which it will exist

  4. Last is to add Managing Agents to this organization (if you are managing this org, please be sure to add your account here - otherwise you will not have it listed in "Switch Organizations" action or "My Organizations" tab)

  5. When everything is filled out/selected - click save to create new org

Note: Good practice is to sign out > sign in after creating a new org to complete the process.

b) Delete org

To delete an organization, we click on the trash can icon located under the "Action" column.

Clicking this icon will prompt a confirmation pop-up.

Here we are to enter the full name of the organization we are deleting, as a safety mechanism that will prevent accidental deletion (if name is not entered, the delete button will be locked).

Note: This will fully delete any organization. All data and user accounts will be completely erased. Groups that have any number of Branches in it cannot be deleted. Branches will need to be transferred to another Group or deleted as well first.

Transfer Branch to another Group

If for any reason we need to move a Branch to exist under a different Group, we can do this with the transfer icon from "Action" column.

Please also note, this option is available to Enterprise owners only.

  1. Click the name row of the Group whose Branch we want to transfer

  2. Click the move icon for the Branch we want to move

  3. We will be asked to select the new Group in the pop-up window

  4. To complete action, click "Save" button


  • We cannot repurpose the Branch so that it becomes a Group.

  • The transfer does not change any pre-set Branch settings - new Group inheritance settings will not overwrite previous Group inheritance (i.e. with the move, stage automation will not be changed to the automation Branches inherit from that new Group. If after the move any automation is changed under the new main Group, then the change will apply to the moved Branch).

Using Search

In situations when we cannot recall under which Group a specific Branch is located, or we have a great list of Organizations and want to locate a specific one quickly, we can use the Search field.

If looking for a Branch, type in the name or one word contained in the full name and search will give us the Group(s) under which the Branch is located.

Click on the Group name row to open and see the list of Branches that match search query.

Managing Agents

These accounts are given greater control over user and organization settings.

Benefits of having a Managing Agent account will be:

  • Create/remove organizations

  • Create/remove user accounts

  • Edit Stage type and probability

  • Will not show in "Users" tab under Organization Settings

Assigning Managing Agents to any org is done from the outline people icon under "Action" column:

  1. We start typing the name of the user we want to add as MA

  2. Select the user from the drop-down list

  3. Click "Save" button to complete


  • Only users added to the Enterprise main organization can become Managing Agents.

  • To have the MA account operate properly please be sure user account is admin in main org.

  • If users are removed from main org and they have also been added as MA, please remove them as MA first then delete user account in main org. Otherwise, event if the account not longer exists, it will still be shown in users list as MA in Groups and Branches.

Checking user account personal settings

For when we want to inspect or edit any personal settings for a different user account, we can do this from Groups and Branches.

To open these account settings, click on the full green people icon under "Action" column:

This will list all users added to that organization.

With the pen icon we access the account settings:

In the pop-up window we have:

  • Account details

  • Accreditations details

  • Personalization settings

  • Update and Reminders settings

  • 3rd Party Applications settings

Note: Any changes made here will have to be confirmed with the "Save" button.

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