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Can't select user as deal owner, deal team member or task assignee
Can't select user as deal owner, deal team member or task assignee

Cannot see user to add as a deal owner, deal team member or task assignee.

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General Info

Deal ownership can only be set to broker accounts in the organization (exception are orgs on our CRM plan).

Deal membership and task assignment can be given to any account type.

If you are trying to pick a colleague or assistant to be assigned to something, but you do not see them on the drop down menu to select, most often the cause for this is that the user is not added as a member to the Workflow.

Please check the following instruction and learn how to troubleshoot this.

Check Workflow membership

If you have admin account access, open Settings > Workflow tab from left hand side menu.

Click on the workflow title from the list on the right to open the edit page for that particular workflow.

In the edit page, inside the 'add team member' field, start typing the name of your colleague / assistant then select them from the drop down results.

The system will auto-save the change and they can now be selected as deal owner, deal member or task assignee.

If you see the user is already added to the Workflow as a member, and the user is a broker, please confirm with them if they have lender accreditations added.

Along with being a member of at least one workflow, broker accounts must have at least one lender accreditation added to their account details before we can select them as deal owners.

Instructions on how to add lender accreditations can be found in this article.

Check Permission settings

If after confirming the user is a workflow member, you still don't see their name in the drop down, kindly go back to Settings and then open the Permissions tab. Check if the Visibility permissions are turned on for each item under the "Owner" column and the 'Visibility for other users' item turned on under the "Workflow" column.

In case you have confirmed the above setup is correct and still experience problems selecting the person as a deal owner, deal team member or task assignee, try clearing your browser cache as instructed in this article before giving it one more try.

For any further assistance with this, don't hesitate to reach out to our support staff via live chat or write us an email to

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