To create workflows go to Settings > Workflows. At top right corner press +ADD NEW button. Fill in basic details about workflow in top fields - title, description, additional deal info. Add users to this workflow by entering their names in field below title.

In center of the screen you can adjust stages of the workflow, and automation options. Insert stages name, probability of close in that stage and number of days before deal becomes stale when stuck at that stage.

If you need to add more stages, press top right corner button “+ADD STAGE”. If you want to delete certain stage, then press delete option in bottom of stage card.

NOTE: All changes will be auto-saved after each change is made, so there is no save button. When finished editing, simply exit Workflow settings and everything will be saved.

Orange button with wrench is where automation options are set up. By clicking on it you will get dropdown menu with possible actions you can set to automatically execute when deal reaches that particular stage. See more here (links).

If you want to change settings of existing workflow, go to Settings>Workflows, then double-click the title of created workflow to open detailed settings.

All of your workflows will be presented in main deals tab, where you can add and manage deals in stages. Navigating between workflows is done by clicking on “Deals” in main navigation, and then selecting preferred workflow you want to open from dropdown menu.


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