New Workflow

To create new workflows go to Settings > Workflows. At top right corner press +ADD NEW button. Fill in basic details about workflow in top fields - title, description, additional deal info. Add users to this workflow by entering their names in field below title.

Delete/Duplicate Workflow

To remove or duplicate workflow from Salestrekker go to Settings > Workflows. Highlight checkbox of workflow you want to delete, then press “Actions” in top right corner and choose "Duplicate" or “Delete”. 

When you duplicate workflow all of it contents will be added to it's copy (stages, automation etc.) so you can easily replicate existing process to new users.

When deleting workflow a pop-up window will be shown as a security measure. Confirm action by entering name of your organisation and by clicking “Delete”. This prevents workflows of being deleted by accident.

Workflow Types 

To setup workflows for specific loan products and business activity go to Settings > Workflows. Add new or open existing one that you want to modify. In workflow details line, click on the "Additional deal details" field and choose option from dropdown menu you want to include for this workflow.

Now, when adding deals into that workflow, new section will be placed in sidebar of deal adding/editing screen that will contain specific fields where you can input information regarding that business type.

Workflow Project View

Instead of viewing workflow as a board or a sales pipeline, you can view it as project with specific set of actions that need to be completed. This is used with recurring deals that should be kept in check on regular basis (in accounting for example).

In workflow settings you will just turn the Project switch on and workflow view will be changed. Please note to log out and log back in for the change to take.

All deals in Project view will be placed on the left side, and stages will be listed as actions you complete for each of them.

Workflow Stages

New Stage

If you need to add more stages, press top right corner button “+ADD STAGE”.
A new stage will be created in the far right side of the last existing stage.
Stages can then be rearranged with drag-and-drop method (click on stage > hold and drag to move > release when done).

Delete Stage

 If you want to delete certain stage, then press delete option in bottom of stage card.
Please note that enterprise inherited workflow stages can not be deleted.

Stage Automation

Orange button with wrench is where automation options are set up. By clicking on it you will get dropdown menu with possible actions you can set to automatically execute when deal reaches that particular stage. See more here.

Stage - Additional Options

In Salestrekker you have option to customize each stage by choosing different options.
To get to them, go to Settings > Workflows > Click on Workflow name to open additional settings and each stage will have four options that you can configure:

Milestone or Normal stage - this helps you define crucial stages in your process by marking them as Milestones and would allow you better reporting options. In case of Enterprise plan, all Milestones that are set on Top level, groups and branches won't be able to edit or delete.
Note: When setting a stage at Enterprise or Group level, branches underneath (and groups if it is set from Enterprise level) will inherit the stage only if the stage is set as Milestone. Additionally to this inheritance, all these stages will be locked (non-editable) for users in branches and groups underneath the main Enterprise. 

Probability - option to set how probable it is to close deal that is in that part of the process. This allows you to create your funnel and to easily track and asses how many deals will you close in the future.

Editable Fact Find or Read only - when you share deal on a Client Portal you can ask them to fill in Fact Find. After certain point in the process it is pointless (or even painful) if clients still have ability to change their inputs (example: you wouldn't want clients to change their details after application is lodged to a lender). That's why in each stage you can either choose shared Fact Find to be editable or read only. If read only clients will be able to see all details, but they will be grayed out and unable to change. 

Stale - number of days after which deal will be considered stale. Stale days can trigger notifications both to deal owner and client based on account settings and assigned automation options to that stage. To checkout how to automate messages to be sent to client when deal gets stale - click here.

Please note that Milestone and Probability options can only be edited by organisation managing agents.


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