Go to Deals card and open "Filters" option in top right corner. There you can define your filtering templates for quick filtering. Go to "+ Add New" and then use check-boxes to choose options you want to apply to that template. At the top you will have "Filter name" field and at the bottom option to Share filter with others in organisation or not. You can edit filter any time by clicking on the pen icon in front of the filter name.

You can filter your deals by Deal owner(s), team member(s), partner(s), label(s), dates and status.
Use equal and non-equal (" = " ) comparison option for more precise results.

* Filter option ready for verification is related to deals waiting for mentor approval
* Verified - for deals that mentor has approved

If you want to clear filtering you would go to Deals and click on “remove filter” button right to workflow name.
To delete filter templates go to Deals > Filters and check click on the check box in front of filter you want to remove. Then go to "Action" and choose "Delete".

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