For advanced/custom reports please click here.

I. Access Reporting 

  1. To access reporting go to Reports in main navigation bar.

2. Click on 'REPORTS' button to open the side bar.

3. Click on '+ ADD NEW' (A) on the reports side bar to create new report. To view the report click on any reports listed (B) and to edit existing report click on the 'edit' icon (C).

You can choose between using Quick or Advanced Reports depending on information complexity and depth you are aiming for. 

II. Creating Quick Reports

Quick reports will be launched by default. You have option to choose criteria based on information will be ranked.

1. Select what type of report you require. There are six options:

  • Leaderboard - Listing organisations and users by volume or  number of transactions.

  • Pipeline - deal throughput through milestone statuses or workflow stages in a time period.

  • Conversion - % of deal conversion in a given time period. % conversion is calculated vs deal marked as settled volume.

  • Deal - list deals with given status and in given time period.

  • Product - list products with given status and in given time period.

  • Contacts - contact reports, upcoming birthdays, fixed expiry, etc.

2. Select 'Object' as organisation (enterprise users see multiple layers), user, partner or lender.

3. Select time period required either as relative (eg. Previous 3 months) or absolute (from 01/01/2019-31/03/2019):

Relative time:

Absolute time:

Note that only one of relative or absolute can be selected, not both.

4. Select deal status (or milestone for Pipeline reports). Status is gateway generated (ApplyOnline or LoanApp) and system statuses (Won/Lost/Paused)

5. Select Value option (90% of time this will be Deal Value).

Once you quick report is configured type report name (A) for easy future use and press Apply (B).

6. Filter by State (AU only)

Organisations with users in multiple state can run state based reports. Simply type state abbreviation in the filter field (e.g. NSW, VIC, QLQ, WA, SA, TAS, ACT, NT).

III. Explaining Statuses

Pipeline Statuses

  • Created - Deal created in the CRM by user (or via API/web forms). See this article on how to create new deal.

  • Lodged - Deal lodged to the gateway (AOL or LoanApp)

  • Submitted - Deal submitted to lender once in the gateway (AOL or LoanApp), back channel message driven (note CBA doesn't have 'Submitted' status.

  • Conditionally approved - Deal conditionally approved by lender in the gateway (AOL or LoanApp), back channel message driven

  • Approved - Deal formally (unconditionally) approved by lender in the gateway (AOL or LoanApp), back channel message driven

  • Settled - Deal manually marked as Settled in CRM by user. See this article for manual deal status setting

  • Withdrawn - Deal marked as withdrawn in gateway (AOL or LoanApp), back channel message driven

  • Declined - Deal declined by lender in the gateway (AOL or LoanApp), back channel message driven

Other Statuses

IV. Quick Report Examples

Example 1:  Anniversary report

Example 2: Pipeline (management) report

Example 3: Conversion report (relative to settled deals)

III. Creating Advanced Reports

Click here for advanced reports.

IV. Using Existing Reports

Once reports are created simply click on the report to open it. Note to click on red 'Cancel' button at the bottom to close the report editor if open. 

Also, to edit existing report, simply click on 'edit pen' under Actions column.

V. Exporting Reports

To export document as an excel file simply click on "Export to excel" button located on top right and file will be downloaded immediately

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