Adding and managing deals? 

To add a deal, open "Deals" in main navigation and select workflow where you want to add new deal. Hit “+ADD NEW” button to get started. 

On new screen add contacts, deal title, deal owner, stage where you want to add deal, deal value and summary notes. You can add multiple contacts, either person or a company, and choose their contact type (client, referrer, solicitor...). 

If you are creating a deal for existing contact, just start typing first name and choose existing contact from drop menu.

Note: If you manually enter name and surname for existing contact, you will duplicate the entry and you'll have that person listed twice in your contacts.

When creating a new deal, all contacts will be assigned to that deal owner.
If the deal owner is changed, contact ownership under the already created deal won't be changed but new ones will be assigned to the new deal owner.

For safe removal of duplicated contacts, please check this article.

Once you have entered basic information, you can choose your team members that will collaborate on this deal together.

You can also add partners to a deal here (if Partner Portal is enabled).

In left sidebar there are additional options you can fill in. Depending on workflow type, deals will have different options in sidebar.

After completing all inputs, hit “SAVE” button and deal will be added to workflow. As the deal progresses you can drag and drop it into other stages, add notes, tasks, files, complete client profile and follow deal to its completion.

New deal created but no broker tools?

Please note that brokers should fully set up their accounts in settings before creating deals. If broker account is not set up - any deal created will not have broker tools.

Requirements for broker account:

  1. "Broker" account turned on in "Users" tab in Settings

  2. Added lender accreditations with their Broker ID, instructions can be found in this article

  3. Added to workflow as a team member

If broker created deals before setting up their account and they notice no tools in the deal (only "Client Profile" section) the following workaround should be applied:

  1. Complete broker account setup

  2. Go back to deal

  3. Open "Edit Deal" (from pen icon in "Deal View")

  4. Change ownership to another broker > do not save

  5. Wait a few second

  6. Change back the ownership

  7. Save

Editing existing deals? 

To edit existing deal - open it and go to green pen icon in top right > and select "Edit Deal" from dropdown menu. You will be guided to same screen as when adding new deal, with same options available.

Checkout in-depth video on deals:

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