When starting to use Salestrekker, we recommend you view all the videos contained in this video album.

Add Deals - This is central and most important function of Salestrekker. To add a deal open Deal tab and press “+ADD NEW” in top right corner. 

On new screen add client contacts, deal title, deal owner, stage where you want to add deal, deal value and summary notes.

Add Tasks - There is several ways how this can be done. One of them is to go to Tasks tab and press “+ADD NEW” button in top right corner. Then fill details about task in popup window.  Tasks can also be added from the deal card by clicking on the '...' on the right side of deal card and then selecting an option from the dropdown menu:

Add Notes and Documents to deal - To add notes, documents and tasks to particular deal first open deal details window. Then navigate between tabs: notes, tasks, files and hit “+ADD NEW” to complete the action.

Add Contacts - New contacts will be automatically added when you are writing basic deal information. Another way to add contacts is to go to “Contacts” tab in main menu. In the top right corner press “+ ADD NEW” button and then fill in details.

Use Client Portal - share insights with clients, give them opportunity to easily submit needed documents and information. Every interaction will be saved directly to the deal and accessible at any time. More about client portal in this article.

Use Automation - Create tasks, add documents and send notifications to clients automatically as deal progresses to certain stage of workflow. Automation will be triggered each time a new deal gets to those stages. Read more about it here.

Reports - in Deals tab you can track success of your process at a glance. By opening deals you can track progress of each particular deal.

Use Partner Portal - Allow partners to see all deals they are linked to, access them and make necessary changes to help you close them faster. Beside adding comments, editing client profile and uploading documents, partners are able to see deal progress by workflow stages and to add new deals to your organisation.

For better understanding and tutorial watch Salestrekker Overview VIDEO

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