Deal Team members

Assign Team members to a deal so non-admin users can see and access ticket and also receive all Deal notifications and updates

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General Info

Adding users as deal team members is used when you want to make certain deals visible to non-admin users or when you want all users to receive notifications about specific deal actions.

In order to work properly, we advise you to first set User roles, setup Permission settings, and add users to Workflow.

If the user is not added to the workflow as a member first, they will not show up when wanting to add them in a deal as a member. This will be the current workflow for that deal.

How to add deal team member

When creating new deals, or editing existing ones, you will have a field titled 'Choose team member(s)'.

In this field, start typing the first name of your teammate and then pick them from the drop down menu.

Once finished, press 'Save' button for changes to apply. All the users you've added as deal members will be listed in the deal 'Show More' summary section.

These users will be now able to access the deal even if they don't have admin privileges and can be notified about deal updates (depending on their own Notification preferences in Settings > My Updates and Reminders).

When editing existing deal you can always go back to this step and add more team members if needed. Open Deal where you want to add them go to Deal Actions > Edit Deal and follow same steps as when adding new deal.

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