Salestrekker has over 35 update and reminder options. You can get immediate or summary updates via email, SMS and Slack.

To set up reminders in Salestrekker go to Settings > My updates and reminders. In main screen you will see a lot of switches which determine when and how will you receive reminders; simply switch on/off a related toggle button.

Example of updates: team member leaves a note in your deal; client uploads a document via Client Portal, partner (referrer) logs in to the portal for the first time.

Examples of reminders: your finance due date is reached, your task is due tomorrow, deal became stale, etc.

E-MAIL EACH EVENT - this means that email for each change in Salestrekker will be instantly sent. You will receive as actions are happening.

E-MAIL SUMMARY - you receive email once daily with summary of all activities that have happened the previous day. This way you can keep track of lesser priorities that doesn’t require your full attention (for example).

SMS EACH EVENT -  this means that you will instantly get SMS for each relevant change that takes place in Salestrekker. Messages sent for this event use SMS credits from your Billings page.

SLACK EACH EVENT - If you integrate Slack (done under Settings - 3rd party applications) you will have this option. When switched on, you will receive a Slack message with all details about Salestrekker event.

NOTE: Email each event and Email summary cannot be on at the same time.

For more information check out our support video tutorial below.

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