To move deal to another workflow, click on deal actions (three dots on the deal card) and select 'Move to different workflow' from a dropdown.

Then select workflow and stage from the dropdown menus on the following dialog. Deal will appear in the selected workflow/stage.

Alternatively, click on the deal card to open and click on 'Edit' button. Then repeat the steps from above.

*Note: Deals can only be moved into the same workflow type- e.g. from Home Loans to Home Loans, from Asset Finance to Asset Finance. There is no option to move a deal from Home Loans to Asset Finance workflow type and vice verse. You can duplicate the deal from HL to AF workflow.

If you want to move your deal between stages under the workflow you have two ways for that: 

1.Open ‘Deal View’ and at the top of the page click on your desired stage. Click yes to confirm the action.

2.Open your workflow view, click on deal and use drag and drop option in order to move your deal manually through stages.

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