You can easily personalize look and feel of your workflow board.   Click on Settings and go to My Personalization tab.

Simply switch on and off options to find the best look and feel for your deal cards and workflow board.

Note: Each change requires user to log out > log in for the change to apply.

Sign in behaviour

If switch is turned on for this option (dark gray) first page upon login will always be the Dashboard page.

Dialogs and automation

With this option on (switch dark gray), when moving a deal via drag-and-drop from workflow view, you will have a choice to select which or if any automated emails should be sent to clients from that deal.

Board user interface

Options presented here influence the look of your deal tiles.

You can show contact instead of deal owner images, due date and deal value from deal card, etc. 

For example, deal card with these settings would look like this:

With other options switched on ( due date, deal value and label), deal card can look like this:

Note: Finance due date and Settlement date cannot be shown at the same time on the deal tile. If you try to activate one in personalization settings the other will automatically be off.

If you need more assistance, have a look at our support video tutorial.

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