You can change status of a Deal to: "Settled", "Won/Paid", "Lost" and "Paused". Also, you can remove a Deal on "Delete".

To change status or remove Deal, open it and press green pen icon with Edit deal options in top right corner. From drop-down menu choose action you would like to perform:

If your deal is currently marked as "open" you will have the following options for status change >

If the deal is currently marked as "paused" these option will be on the list >

Note that task can be set automatically reminding deal owner to check on the paused deal. Task is set by default to +6 months from the date of pause (due date and assigned to person can be manually changed).

And for deals that are "lost" you can change the status to one of the following >

Please note that if you mark a deal as "won" or "settled" you will still have the option to reopen it and edit if necessary.

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