Deal status can categorize deals into the following states:

  1. Open

  2. Paused

  3. Lost

  4. Settled / Post to commission

  5. Won / Paid

  6. Deleted (Archived)

You can manually set the status of a deal to any of the above mentioned.

In addition to these statuses, if you have pushed your deal to a lender submission gateway, your deal will also automatically update its status via backchannel.

These backchannel statuses can be: lodged, submitted, conditionally approved, approved, declined, withdrawn and settled.

Please note that some of these statuses may not be available for certain lenders backchannel nor can they be manually set in Salestrekker.

The deal status can be used to pull reports based on it and in combination with other criteria; to check statistics of files and users via dashboard; or to simply filter deals based on their status in workflows.

Individual deal status change

To change status, open Deal View and press green pen icon in top right corner. From drop-down menu choose the action you would like to perform:

If you are looking to remove a deal, scroll to the end of the drop down menu and click the "Delete" option:

Note that deals are not fully deleted from the system, rather they are archived and can be recovered if need be. Here is how you can recover deleted deals.

If your deal is currently marked as "open" you will have the following options for status change:

If the deal is currently marked as "paused" these option will be on the list:

Note that task can be set automatically reminding deal owner to check on the paused deal. Task is set by default to +6 months from the date of pause (due date and assigned to person can be manually changed).

And for deals that are "lost" you can change the status to one of the following:

Please note that if you mark a deal as "won" or "settled" you will still have the option to reopen it and edit if necessary. More about this can be found here.

Batch deal status change

In addition to individual deal status change, we can use the batch status change to set the status for multiple deals at once.

To do so, we first need to open List view of Workflow >

When in List view, we can select the deals for which we want to change the status >

Once our selections are made, we click on the status icon in top row >

In the popup window, we can select the new status from the first drop down field (available are: open, won, lost and paused), choose the date of the change and type in a short comment to provide more info on the status change.

When everything is set we can confirm the change with the "Save" button and the status change will apply to all of our selected deals.

Record of this action will be created via deal note.

Note that Settled status change is not available for batch method because this action requires posting to commission with specific additional details input that cannot be preformed in bulk.

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