In order for your client portal invitation to work, there are a couple of conditions to be met:

  1. Client's e-mail and mobile phone number must be entered correctly
  2. Your SMS must be setup in Salestrekker 'Connect' section
  3. You need to make sure that you have available SMS credits
  4. Privacy link needs to be added in the settings

If client doesn't receive either e-mail or SMS first thing to do is to check point 1.

If everything is ok, check point 2 using following steps:

Go to 'Settings', on your left hand side scroll down until you see tab 'Connect'. Click on "Connect' and make sure your settings look as in picture below:

The last thing to check is if you have SMS credits available. You can check that by going to 'Settings' and on your left hand side scroll down until you see tab 'Billing Details'. Click on that tab and you will see how many SMS you have available. On this tab also, you will be able to purchase additional SMS credits

If you are testing Client Portal using your own e-mail and mobile phone, it will not work, as telecoms do not allow users to send SMS to themselves. When deal has same number as sender and receiver Client Portal SMS pin authentication code doesn't get delivered.

How to test Client Portal and have everything working?

  • Add another phone number to client that you have access to (example: office mobile, colleague, spouse etc). That way you will be able to receive SMS and enter it in browser when needed.
  • Change deal owner from yourself to someone else - team member or Salestrekker support staff (to have this option you would probably need to assign them to a workflow where deal is located).
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