Users with admin privileges can set up and customise the following Client Portal options in Settings. 

1. Set up/customise Client Portal

Users can optimise look and feel of Client Portal for their entire organisation using several options available in Settings > Client Portal.

Show deal status bar: some users don't want clients to see the workflow stages, this can be switched off on settings.

Show Client Profile on first log in: If switched on, client will do the digital fact find before going on dashboard.

Overview video if set will only first time client logs in. Simply click on 'Edit' button and enter a link to your YouTube or Vimeo hosted video.

Privacy link is compulsory, i.e. portal cannot be shared without this being set. Privacy link can lead to your website privacy page or to cloud storage privacy Disclosure document.

2. Customise  invite email text

Users can edit invitation email that clients receive.  Click on 'Edit' button and enter your own custom text.  That will replace our default text in invite email.

Type in message you would like to be sent and use "Insert value" option to use fields to personalize message and include different Client details where needed:

When done, press "Save" to apply:

3. Customise client notifications

Other settings involve activating (or deactivating) various notifications clients receive and content of these notifications.  Edit buttons will change text in our default email/SMS messages.

Notifications sent to client can be email and/or SMS.

Note: SMS will be available only if SMS is activated in Settings > Connect. This option spends SMS credits you have for your organization.

4. Customise broker notifications

Go to Settings > My updates and reminders and set these sections up. Users can receive SMS or email for each available Client Portal action or set up a daily summary email.

5. Set up required document checklists

Clients can upload required documents form the checklists created in settings. Detailed instructions are in this article.

6. Lock Fact Find for editing in Workflow Settings

Fact Find can be locked for editing by the client by setting workflow stages as 'Reads only' in Settings > Workflows.

7. Light or Dark theme

This setting is automatic and it depends on your organisation colour scheme setting. All themes that have 100,200 or 300 in their name are automatically set as 'light', those with numbers 400 and above are set as 'dark'.

Example dark theme:

Example light theme:

8. Logo showing in Client Portal

Note that client portal logo will always be the same as per your organisation settings. If not set, go to Settings > Organisation/Details to set your logo. Note that aggregator users will often see aggregator logo in Salestrekker, however Client Portal should show business logo if set up as per below image:

If you are experiencing issues with Client Portal invitation, please check this article.

The last section of this video shows Client Portal settings options:

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