Once deal has settled, it needs to be marked as Settled/Post to commissions.  This will have two effects:

  1. Reporting visibility for settled deals

  2. Commission system will be notified (where linked with Salestrekker)

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to deal view and click on the pen icon

  2. Choose Settled/Post to Commissions option from drop down

  3. Complete the following screen by checking/adding:

    • Check the date is the correct settlement date (A)

    • Add a note to be saved in a deal (B). This can be anything relevant to settlement.

    • Ensure loan details are correct (C)

    • Add loan account number (D). Add '0000' if unsure.

    • Add a referral partner if already they are required to get paid as well (E). You can add multiple referrers.

  4. Once commission is paid, mark it as Won/Paid

Note: Won deals will disappear from workflow view and can be viewed again by filtering deals by won status.

See the video below for more details:

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