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How to delete contact/client from a deal?
How to delete contact/client from a deal?

Remove a client from a deal. Remove guarantor from a deal.

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How to

If you need to remove a contact from a deal, go to your deal and click on the 'Pen Icon' then from drop down menu choose to go to 'Edit Deal'.

In the deal edit screen, on the right side of that contact form, you will see the β€˜Delete’ button. By pressing that button you will be asked to confirm this action.

Lastly, click β€˜Save’ button to apply changes.

By deleting contacts from a deal, all data related to them in that deal will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

The contact deleted using this procedure will only be removed from the deal, but it will remain in your contacts.

To remove the contact completely from the system, please see our How to delete contacts article.

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