Salestrekker has numerous integrated services to assist users in verifying client's position. These verifications assist in fraud prevention, improved compliance and significant time saving/productivity gains.

1. Verifying phone, email and address

Salestrekker uses Sensis to verify phone, email and addresses in Australia and New Zealand. See detailed article here.

For client mailing address, there is an option to select a PO BOX address.

To add, click on the switch for PO BOX (1), search the address in first field (2), click on the correct one form the results in the drop down (3).

2. Company ABN look up (Australia only)

Company clients and employers can be looked up via an integrated ABN lookup within Salestrekker. Search is possible via company name or ABN/ACN numbers.

3. Verifying client's social profile

Integrated Full Contact service searches client's email to match it with any social profiles client might have under that email address. See detailed article here.

4. Completing credit checks

Users with Equifax account can integrate it with Salestrekker to completed in deal credit check, display result and save credit report. See detailed article here.

5. Verifying expenses and income

Using integration, Salestrekker can map expense categorisation into Client Profile, income summary into Compliance section of Broker Tools and actual bank statement PDFs saved in deal/documents. See detailed article here.

6. Verifying real estate assets and securities

Users with Domain/Pricefinder or CoreLogic/RPData accounts can run property verifications/valuations. See here detailed articles for Pricefinder and RPData.

7. Verifying vehicle pricing (asset finance tools)

Asset finance provide integrated Glass's vehicle verification.

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