11 December 2019

  • Access/Refferal feature has been upgraded by being connected to diversification options as well (for now diversification tools are available only for Home Loan workflows).

  • Zapier integration is now live. Please read this article for more information.

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6 December 2019

  • Access/Refferal feature - This allows for deal(s) and contact(s) information to be exchanged with different Salestrekker organizations. This is available in all workflow types.

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19 November 2019

  • Diversification Opportunity feature (some users) - Premium Car Search referral option is now available. You can read more about other diversification opportunities here.

  • Asset Finance (some users) - We enhanced our Commission group feature with a new “Generic deal user as partner” option to enable commissions to be distributed to existing deal users as referrers/partners.

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11 November 2019

  • Maximum borrowing tab has been reinstated within Broker Tools.

  • You can now view and save PDFs for Maximum Borrowing within both Broker tools and Quick tools.

  • Documents can be produced as PDFs using 'Create PDF document' option under Create document(s) section in Deal View.

  • An option to edit interest rate of product and interest rate discount under Review loan products tab has been enabled.

  • Links to Knowledge base and Release notes have been added under the Library section.

  • New iOS application (version 2.2) is now live and available on the App Store. You can find the full list of all upgrades here.

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1 November 2019

  • New Maximum Borrowing calculations based on lender products.

  • Save/view PDF for Funding Worksheet and Product Comparison within broker tools.

  • Deal Owner receives an email with Client Portal link and PIN when client is invited to the portal.

  • Android 2.0 application is released on Google Play.

  • Asset Finance (some users) - users can be set as referrers.

  • Asset Finance (some users) - show commission split on settlement screen.

15 October 2019

  • When active, filters are more prominent with blue background badge displaying on screen.

  • When marking deal as paused, a task is set to remind of the paused deal. Task is auto-set on + 6 months (this can be manually adjusted each time deal is marked as Paused).

  • Note that some users have noticed system slowdown around 10AM and 4PM Sydney time. The cause of these was a regular server backup. To rectify these issues, we are now moving server back-ups to 3AM Sydney time.

  • We modified new Client Portal to avoid blank screen issues reported (e.g. user address not added; users adding employment and not linking to the employer prior to sending CP invite to the client).

1 October 2019

  • New Client Portal is deployed.

  • Risk insurance question appears automatically on Needs and Objectives tab.

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