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A. About

A1. WebloanQ - FinTech in your CRM

  • Calculators and product comparison/application plug-ins to embed to your own or referrer's website;

  • Use for Home Loan, Asset Finance or Personal Loan lead generation;

  • Consumers can use 8 modern calculators, compare products, complete applications, upload documents and track deals;

  • Open banking enabled for streamlined data collection and validation;

  • Ability to link a referral partner or add a custom label to a deal;

  • Data and documents map directly to the CRM;

  • Customise look and feel of your landing page to fit perfectly into your site.

A2. What is WebloanQ?

WebloanQ is a paid subscription service offering website plug-ins that allow consumers to use 8 different calculators, compare products, complete quote and full application on the broker's website, with all data mapping to the CRM.

Using WebloanQ, brokers can generate multiple plug-ins for asset finance and personal loans and home loans. Plug-in can be added to the broker's or referrer's website. Consumers can then access WebloanQ from any device, including using a QR code for point-of-sale product comparison and application.

Users can create call to action buttons in calculators that then link to other WebloanQ landing pages or to any other web page.

In the comparison tool, all lenders presented to your website visitors are from your own lender panel. Data and documents collected using WebloanQ forms are automatically saved in the CRM.

Comparison/Application Plugin Example

Calculator Plugin Example:

A3. Benefits of WebloanQ

  • Increase your revenue

  • Future proof your business

  • Increase referral partner engagement

WebloanQ provides you with a lead generation solution to rival the largest FinTechs without spending a cent on technology development. It integrates open banking for faster data collection and validation of applicant's income and expenses.

By allowing clients to compare and select products, complete full application and upload required documents on their own time, WebloanQ allows you to 'take the client off the market' and to significantly accelerate the loan application process resulting in increased revenue.

Embedding WebloanQ to your referrer's site further enhances your referral partnerships. Consumers can access WebloanQ using a QR code (use a site like this to generate QR codes).

A4. Use case examples

Example 1

Embed a Home Loan plug-in on a 'Apply Now' landing page, where you are a deal owner and no additional referral partners are linked. This will target your generic website visitors.

Hint: for a specific campaign (e.g. Google Ads), create another landing page and vary the original plug-in by adding a custom deal label to the new form.

Example 2

Embed an Asset Finance plug-in to a referrer car dealership website landing page. Generate a QR code and get it printed on dealership marketing materials, business cards and car display sheets. Dealership visitors can apply on the spot or when they visit the dealership website.

Hint: use the same principles for real estate referrers or a specialist shop where personal lending would apply.

Note: set up your licence and business details on the referrer landing page.

Example 3

Create a landing page with a plug-in (can be the same one from Example 1) and add to an email marketing campaign as a website that opens on call to action click.

Example 4

Create a landing page with Maximum Borrowing calculator that has a call to action to a home loan comparison tool. Potential client can access broker site to calculate their maximum borrowing and then continue to a full comparisons and application. See this example here.

A5. Flow Chart

Example of WebloanQ Home Loan/Purchase customer flow:

B. How to guide

B1. Generating WebloanQ iframe

These actions can only be performed by your organisation's admins. A brief video explanation of this process can be viewed here.

Firstly, activate WebloanQ in billing. This action requires a credit card for a monthly subscription payment and ongoing usage of open banking services. Pricing for these services will be displayed in the billing section.

Under Access referrals page, go to 'Add new' and click on 'Inbound-WebloanQ' option:

In the dialogue, as a minimum, add the name of the WebloanQ flow, select which workflow and stage it needs to save and who will be the default deal owner. Also select type of plug-in drop downs (Comparison or Calculator and Asset Finance/Personal Loan/Home Loan)

Form has the following customisation options:

  • Lender names and logos can be hidden (e.g. to prevent consumers to go directly to the lender)

  • A single deal label and a referral partner can be assigned to each form (note that each deal generated via WebloanQ will have a WebloanQ label automatically assigned)

  • Button, background and text colours can be modified from the default

  • Users can add own welcome screen images and by adding url link to the generated iframe code (use "&backgroundImageUrl=" and add image URL)

  • Users can remove image and use own web page wall paper on the welcome screen (contact us for assistance)

  • Users can customise welcome screen header text to suit the specific use needs (use "&welcomeHeaderText=" and add desired header text).

  • See some customisation examples at the bottom of this article

Please note that comparison and application flow customisations are not possible.

Once the form is completed, click on 'Copy to clipboard' to close the dialogue and save the iframe code. Code will look something like this:

<div><iframe src="https://public.loanq.com.au/#/?logoUrl=https://public-salestrekker-dev.s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/logos/dd5752f9-97d3-4bc8-89de-134fb750f8f6.png&p=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kha02Hbgikpmu4D-SHTqB6yRqS2bs0pi/view?usp=sharing&n=New%20Loanq&o=#%20Enterprise&e=maya+teammember@salestrekker.com&t=undefined&type=af&simple=true&u=https://dev.salestrekker.com/api/v1/access/referral/loanq/&k=856cb7a4-8147-4a6f-bea8-36e8d2af83f0" style="border:0;height:650px;width:100%;"></iframe></div> 

B2. Embedding WebloanQ to your site

The best option is to contact your website designer or manager to create a landing page and add WebloanQ iframe code to it.

On our test WordPress site, it looks like this:

We recommend the following further CSS changes to these lending pages (on most WordPress sites, go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS)

  • On mobile devices, hide the website header. This will present WebloanQ as it is designed.

  • Set out margins and padding on these pages to best suit your website.

Example of some CSS modification (note that page ID is specific for your own landing page:

@media (max-width: 550px) {.page-id-55280 .navbar{display:none;}}
@media (max-width: 550px) {.page-id-55280 .site-footer{display:none;}}
@media (max-width: 550px) {.post-body .post-content .row.limit-width.row-parent {
padding: 0;

.post-body .post-content .row.limit-width.row-parent {
padding-top: 0;

Note: You need to find your own lending page unique page id. Right-click on the page in the browser and select 'Inspect'. Then search for the word 'page' until you find the ID:

B3. What saves in the CRM?

  • All client entered data

  • Product client selected

  • Documents client uploaded

  • Open banking summary PDF

  • Any system notes or comments client left in the portal

B4. Using automation and workflow settings

To further enhance customer experience, we recommend you set up a dedicated workflow stage for WebloanQ deals. Things you can do here:

B5. Cost involved

WebloanQ is a paid subscription service with the following costs:

  • Recurring monthly subscription, billable per organisation (not per user);

  • Transaction fees for open banking usage (if consumers opt to use it, billed per report);

  • There might be other future transaction fees once additional services are implemented, e.g. property valuation (AVM) and customer identification service (IDsmart).

Please note, the monthly subscription is payable for a full month, regardless of the usage. I.e. partial usage does not result in a refund.

C. See it in action

C1. Try it here

These three demo flows are embedded in the LoanQ website. Note: these are demo flows where the lender panel displayed is restricted to the user's accreditations to demonstrate limitations of lenders and any data that you leave will map to our development website.

Try these on your mobile and desktop.

C2. Customisation Examples

See a detailed example in this 9-minute video:

C3. Video showcase

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