How to create and manage labels

Labels combine and replace several existing functionalities to bring you to another level. Instead of using Segments, Status tags and Contact types you can now define your Labels and easily assign them to Deals, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Files.

To add and manage labels go to Settings > Labels. (Please note that only users with admin privileges can add or manage it).

To add new one simply click on +ADD NEW button at the top right and configure label name, color and type (Deals, Contacts, etc.). It is important to choose correct type when creating the new label, as you will not be able to e.g. assign label with 'deal' type to other categories (contacts, tasks etc.) nor can you change the type of existing labels.

Also, you can add different colors to each label which is one of the ways to sort your deal.

When assigning labels to Deals, Contacts, Tasks, Notes or Files you will always have visible + ADD NEW button to quickly create more labels if you need them.

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