Contact labels are created and managed from Settings > Labels tab. Talked about more in this article.

There will be two categories for contact labels: clients and non-clients. Both of these categories have system default labels that are non-editable.

The clients labels determine the role of a person or company within a deal and there will be 4 labels that fall under this category:

  1. Client

  2. Non-borrowing spouse

  3. Security guarantor

  4. Servicing guarantor

These cannot be edited nor can we add any more clients labels to the list.

The non-clients labels are generally used for people or businesses associated with the client or loan (accountant, financial advisor, real estate agent, lender etc.).

There will be a list of system default non-clients labels and the option to create and use new labels for this category.

Both label categories can be attached to contacts when creating a new deal or they can be attached directly from contact cards (individual and batch).

How to label contact from a deal

When you are creating a new deal, you will have the option to create new contacts or load existing ones.

In either case, every person or company in a deal needs to have one "contact type" linked to them from the "type" drop down filed.

Note: First person/company added to the deal will always be treated as the primary applicant, therefore the selected label for this contact should always be the "client" label.

Contact roles can always be changed in Edit deal, however labels cannot. The label chosen the first time we've added that contact to one deal will be the only label added to this contact via the "type" drop down in that same deal.

Meaning, if we open Edit deal and choose a different "type", the first selected label will not be changed to the newly chosen one, nor will the new selected label be added to that contact.

Every additional label we want for that contact can only be added from the contact card or by adding that existing contact to a new deal and choosing a different label type in the drop down.

How to label individual contact from contact card/view

There are three ways to attach a label to a contact from their contact card.

First is from Contact view page.

Located in the top right corner of Contact view is the label icon that we use to edit/add any new or additional contact labels.

When you click the icon a popup window opens from where we pick and save new labels (list of labels below "Additional labels" title), or remove existing ones (X next to label listed above "Additional labels" title).

Second is from Contact page list view.

On the right side of each contact is the label icon we use to edit/add contact labels.

Last is also from Contact page list view, however this method is best used for batch labeling, talked about next.

How to batch label contacts

We can also select multiple contacts and attach them new labels.

This is available from Contact page list view.

First we select the contacts for whom we want to add a new label. After the selection, on the top grey row we click the label icon. A popup window opens from where we choose to add one or more labels.

Note: With batch option we can only add new labels to selected contacts. We cannot use it to remove any existing labels for the selected contacts.

We can also use contact labels to filter our contacts > article.

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