Using Labels in Deals

When you open a Deal in top right corner among green buttons you have one to add labels to the Deal.

When you open a Deal in the top right corner among the green buttons click on the "pen" icon and in the given menu select "Add/Edit Labels" option.

By clicking on it you will get the popup screen with all available options you can apply. If you have added labels in Settings, they will appear here.

Clicking on ‘ADD LABEL(S)’ will guide you to Settings page where you can quickly create new labels that you can use. For more on how to create labels click here.

Adding labels to documents and tasks:

In deal view you can also put a label to a document just by clicking on the label icon in the right corner. 

Same applies for Tasks and this will allow you to easily filter information within a Deal that you would like to see on the screen.

Using labels to Filter

You can also use labels to filter your Deals and Contacts. In main navigation click on Deals (then select workflow) or Contacts to get started. By clicking the button ‘FILTERS’ in the top right corner you will be able to select labels as the criteria for filtering. 

For instance, if you want to filter deals by certain labels, you can do it by clicking Filters and configuring new one with correct options by selecting the labels you want to filter your deals by (same apply for Contacts).

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