Majority of lenders accepts applications through gateways - web platforms designed to provide a link between numerous CRMs or 3rd parties and lenders. In Salestrekker access to those gateways can be found in lodgement tab.

Main requirement for enabling access is adding desired gateway accreditations.

If you are a broker from one of our Aggregator deployment, please note that this activity can only be performed by Enterprise Managing Agents (please reach out to your aggregator to request gateway access).

For our standalone Salestrekker brokers, these accreditations are added in your account Settings > My Accreditations tab.

Lodging a deal

After all information about your client(s) and the new loan is completed and your application is ready for lodgement (mandatory requirements are met, for more information visit this page), you can proceed to Lodgement tab.

First step is to select the gateway. All available gateways for the selected lender will be listed as long green buttons. The title inside the buttons shows which gateway is available.

Clicking the button for the desired gateway will select it.

After this step, the button will turn orange in colour, asking you to 'Create application'.

Another click of the button confirms the creation, and after a few seconds, if the validations checks out, you will transfer the deal to the gateway platform from where (with the 'Open' button) you can further structure the application and submit it to the lender.

NOTE: If the 'Open' button is not given, this means that the application was sent to the lender directly (this is the case for Loanworks RESI/YBR Essentials).

Any changes mage to the application that was transferred to the gateway platform will not reflect in the deal in the CRM; regarding these kind of updates, gateway - CRM relation is a one way street.

Once a deal is lodged, lodgement tab will be populated with new information shown in the 'Application status' table.

New information such as chosen Lender, Application ID, Lender ID, whether the deal has reached the lender (submission yes/no) and the current application status will appear.

In addition to the above, a new button will become available, the 'Update application' or 'Change lender' button, enabling submitting any changes made in the CRM to the gateway. This means that now there are two buttons - one opens the application and the other one updates the application.

NOTE: If option 'Update application' is chosen all changes made in the gateway application after the first lodgement will be overwritten.

Changing lender

Changing lenders is only possible if two conditions are met - application hasn't been submitted to the first lender yet and the substitute lender is using the same gateway.

If this is not case, the deal has to be duplicated and lodged again with the new selected lender.

If conditions are met, new product can be selected in the same way the previous one was, but now instead of clicking on the 'Open' or 'Update application' button, you will have the 'Change lender to XY' button to click on. This will push the newly selected lender and product to the gateway, but as earlier mentioned, it will overwrite all changes made in the gateway itself.

Lodgement tab missing

If the deal is missing Lodgement tab, this means that the deal owner is a mentee and requires an approval from the assigned mentor in order to proceed with lodgement.

Approval request can be submitted in the summary tab as explained in this article.

Lodgement tab is locked

First reason why you wold have only the Lodgement tab locked, would be that you've missed completing some of the minimum deal requirements. These will be indicated as 'bolt in red circle' icon next to the tabs in which some requirement was missed.

After completing those, lodgement will become available.

Second reason is that, once the deal status is changed to Settled all tabs will be locked to prevent further editing. This mean that gateway can no longer be accessed from the deal.

If the application was lodged via ApplyOnline, it can be accessed through the shortcut in Library from the top menu and found after a search using the Application ID.

Multiple gateway buttons available

Certain lenders utilise multiple different gateways and selection based on your personal preference can be made.

Have in mind that if you change the lender to one that doesn't support the previously selected gateway, deal will have to be duplicated and lodged again.

Lodgement / Validation errors

When the Lodgement tab is available, yet when trying to create/validate an application, if your deal has any missing requirements that were skipped, a pop-up box will appear listing all remaining requirements that need to be completed in order to successfully send the application.

If you encounter any issues with Lodgement for which this article did not provide a solution or answer, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team via live chat or email

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