Salestrekker offers a mentoring functionality: a mentee requires an approval from their assigned mentor in order to submit the application to the Lender.


  1. Mentee - user who has access to the broker tools and requires an approval in order to submit the application to the lender

  2. Mentor/Approver - user who has access to the broker tools and will be reviewing and approving Mentee's application.

Set up Process:

  1. Set up a mentor. Go to Settings > Users and switch on 'Mentor' switch for the user who will act a mentor. If this is a new user, add them as a user first, and make sure to switch on their 'Broker Tools'. For this to be possible organization needs to have broker tools access (see Billing).

  2. If mentor doesn't have admin privileges, they need to be added to a workflow and to a deal as a team member in order to be able to see the deal in question.

  3. Assign a mentor to a mentee. Go to Settings > Users and click on the space in 'Assigned to' column. Pick the mentor from the available options.

  4. Remove a mentor (following end of mentorship). Go to mentee's Settings->Users and under "Assigned To" column, simply click on the mentor, remove them from the list and Save.

Approval Request by Mentee

  1. Mentee completes the application and produces relevant compliance documents.

  2. Mentor receives an email requesting application approval.

Approval Process by Mentor/Approver

  1. Approver logs in to Salestrekker. If Mentor/Approver is a member of multiple organisations with Salestrekker account, they need to switch to Mentee's organisation in Salestrekker.

  2. Once Mentor/Approver completes their review/assessment of Mentee's application, they can click to Summary tab and mark as Approved (or Not approved).

  3. Mentee will receive an email and SMS with the approval and will be able to lodge the deal to the lender.

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