First time login

When you get your Salestrekker account, you will receive a system generated password.

Once you complete the Onboarding, please change the temporary password received for first login to a new current one you will use from that point on.

Password policy will be noted in message above password fields, if new password does not comply to that policy, system will not allow the change.

Reset Password

If you are trying to log in and cannot remember your password, simply click on the Forgot your password link in the login screen.

You will be required to enter your email address (linked to your Salestrekker account).

System will then send you an email, asking you to confirm password reset. Click on that button.

You will receive another email with your temporary password.  We recommend that you login and change your password as per the email instructions.

Note: Keep in mind that the temporary password will be valid for one hour from the moment you receive it in inbox.

If you try to login with the temporary password once it expires - it will not work - therefore a new one will have to be requested.

If you try to sign in, and keep receiving "Email and Password do not match" error message - note that every next sign in try will take longer to load.

Your account will not be blocked if you fail to sign in multiple times.

In the case that multiple reset attempts are not working, there is a possibility that your account might have been disabled. For further assistance please contact our live chat support team (you can reach them from this Knowledge Base > simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner).

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