There are two types of users in Salestrekker: admin (sees everything) and non-admin (access rights are managed by permissions).

One admin can also be the organisation owner with responsibility for billing.

Non-admins can have three access levels: 

  1. Users can see only their own deals/tasks/contacts;

  2. Users can see all deals in a workflow they are added to;

  3. Users can see everything.

There are also options to remove certain rights from non-admins, e.g. ability to export data via reports.

For non-admin users we advise you to select Visibility on all switches to "OWNERS" - to see only Deals and Contacts where they are marked as owner and also deals where they are added as team members. "WORKFLOW" should be set to "Visibility for other users". This will ensure best data privacy.

Examples of different permission setup and their impact are covered in this article.

For more details, have a look at our video tutorial on this topic.

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