Salestrekker has two web form options:

  1. A generic webform produced within Salestrekker
  2. Integration option with a web form solution using API

To generate a webform in Salestrekker, go to Settings > Integrations/Web forms.

Once code is copied, you can paste it in the html section on your contact or landing page on your website.  For example, this is a typical Wordpress site and the code copied in the 'text' (html) section of the new page:

Once saved, form looks like this:

Wen a new lead is entered, a new deal will automatically be created in the selected workflow and stage. Client name, phone, email and message will be saved in a new deal. If the workflow automation is set up, contact can automatically receive an email, SMS and a merged document attached to the email.

Click here to view a demo video explaining this process in detail.

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