Salestrekker has two web form options:

  1. A generic webform produced within Salestrekker (embed)
  2. Integration option with a web form solution using API (integrate - article)

You can embed form directly to your website by adding a simple piece of code via copy/paste.
To generate a webform code in Salestrekker, go to Settings > Integrations/Web forms.
Select Workflow and Stage from drop down fields (where new leads will be captured) and click on "copy to clipboard" button to copy the webform code.

Once code is copied, you can paste it in the html section on your contact or landing page on your website.  For example, this is a typical Wordpress site and the code copied in the 'text' (html) section of the new page:

Once saved, form looks like this:

Wen a new lead is entered, a new deal will automatically be created in the selected workflow and stage. Client name, phone, email and message will be saved in a new deal. If the workflow automation is set up, contact can automatically receive an email, SMS and a merged document attached to the email.

Click here to view a demo video explaining this process in detail.

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