Salestrekker has an option to generate webform code that can be embedded in your own website and automatically add a new lead into your CRM.

There are two options for these forms, both offering some level of customisations (e.g. workflow/stage for the new lead, colours and deal owner):

  1. A short, simple webform

  2. A longer webform/flow that can be used to collect more lead information

Note that the fields and data collected in these forms isn't customisable. When more customisation is needed, using API integration or Zapier, users can build own 3rd party forms instead of using Salestrekker web forms.

1. Creating webform code

To generate a webform code in Salestrekker, go to Settings > Integrations/Access Referrals and click on 'Add New' to see the options dropdown.

In the dropdown, select option for 'Inbound - web form':

In the dialog, webform can set up by setting up form name (A), then workflow and stage where the lead will lend in Salestrekker (B) and a deal owner (C). In addition form can be set as short or long (D) and various form colours can be changed from the default black and white setting (E).

To copy the code click on 'Copy to clipboard (F) and Save the webform (G).

Note that multiple webforms can be added for the same organisation/workflow/stage. For example, each broker might have own landing page with their own webforms adding leads where they are a deal owner.

Webform will show in the inbound list in Access referrals (check our full Access referrals feature here). From this list, web form can be opened for editing, emailed to another party (eg your web designer), copy to clipboard or deleted:

Webform code looks like this (note that you can make further changes by manually editing this code, for example increase iframe size in pixels):

2. Embedding code in your website

Easiest thing to do is to send/email code to the person who designed your site. If you use a site with a simple CMS (e.g. Wordpress or similar) and you are competent at editing your site, simple access your CMS, find where the webform is meant to go and add this code. Here is example from a sample Wordpress site:

Webform in the actual website looks like this:

Long form has options for Home loans, car, personal and commercial finance and gets leads through a short questionnaire:

Short form requires leads to enter only basic lead fields:

When a new lead is entered, a new deal will automatically be created in the selected workflow and stage. Client name, phone, email and message will be saved in a new deal. Deal will be allocated to the team member selected in the form settings. For the long form, all selected options will be saved in deal summary section as well.

Note that multiple webforms can be created - for different business streams or different team members.

3. Maximising use of webforms

By setting up workflow automation, your lead can automatically receive an email, SMS and a merged document attached to the email. In addition, a follow up task can be set and allocated to a team member.

For example, users can automatically get a welcome email with your own Credit Guide and Privacy Disclosure attached to it:

They can also receive an SMS from deal owner with a welcome message and Calendly link in it (note Calendly is a separate service and not included in Salestrekker):

Click here to view a demo video explaining this process in detail.

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