Custom fields are extra information that are relevant to your deals. Option to add and manage custom fields is available under your settings. Please note that only users with admin privileges can add or manage it

There are several types of custom fields that you can add; money field, number field, text field...

For multiple option fields you should enter one option per line.

Once you set up your fields you will see the tab to enter information when adding or editing a deal. Summary of information will display on sidebar.


  • In cases where you have edited an existing custom field in settings (added a new selection button or removed for example) in deals where you have not previously entered any selection or information - the change will take and this new addition will be visible for that custom field in those deals.
  • In cases where you have edited the custom field in a deal previously and then updated this field in settings - this change will not take in that deal and the custom field will be as it was before the update in settings. 

Enjoy adding specific deal's details to your business

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