Its possible now to add delayed messages that will be sent when deal gets stale in specific stage. 

Instead of being triggered by progressing deal to new stage, Emails and SMS templates will be sent after selected period of days. Deal updates and notes would be recorded.

To setup Email and SMS Templates you want to use go to Settings > External notifications and configure message you would like to be sent.

Then to apply it, go to Settings > Workflows. Open one, then set number of days when deal will be stale in a stage and press Automate button to add template. 

In pop-up window turn on second switch to send message when deal gets stale.

You can also adjust sending options for existing templates by clicking on them and using switches in pop-up dialog.

Please note that automated SMS have a limit of 160 characters. If SMS notification is created to have text over that limit, this will block the SMS from being delivered. This does not apply to sending SMS via Connect.

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