To add new user go to Settings > Users.

Simply add their correct email address, first and family name and click 'Save'.

User will get an email inviting them to Salestrekker.

Once user is added, you will need to add them to a workflow they will participate in.   Go to Settings > Workflows and select each workflow where users will participate.  Then type their name in

To remove user, simply click to a checkbox next to their name, then click on 'Actions' button (top right corner) and click delete.

Alternatively, to keep user data allocated to the past user, simply disable user access. They will loose access to Salestrekker and will be removed from billing. All their deals and data will remain in the system under disabled user's name.

During this process, you might need to allocate existing contacts, deals and tasks to another user from their organisation.

For more details, check out our video tutorial on this topic.

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