Your organization can have different user account types, setup based on their job role, different permissions and settings access.

Main categorization of user accounts is:

  1. System administrator

  2. Broker

  3. Processor

Enterprise main organization system admins have the option to be added as Managing Agents to any Group or Branch under the Enterprise. This type of access allows them to manage all other user accounts.

Broker accounts have the Mentor addition. Brokers can also be setup as system admins (no additional charge).

All account type settings are restricted to Admin accounts.

Add new account

Performing the addition or removal of user accounts is restricted only to Organization Owners (standalone Salestrekker) or Managing Agents (enterprise Salestrekker).

To add new user go to Settings > Users > Add New orange button in top right corner of the page.

Simply add their correct email address, first and family name and click Save.

User will get an email inviting them to Salestrekker.

Once user is added, you can set their account role (admin, broker, processor, mentor).

You will also need to add them to a workflow they will participate in.  

Go to Settings > Workflows and select each workflow where users will participate. Inside the Add team members field, type their name in and pick from drop down.

Remove/delete user account

To remove user, simply click to a checkbox next to their name, then click on Actions button (top right corner) and choose Delete.

Note: When fully removing a user from the organization, you will be asked to allocate all their work to another user (deals, contacts, tasks, notes).

All ownership of the deleted user will now be transferred to the user you chose.

Disable user account

Alternatively, to keep user data allocated to the past user, simply disable user access.

They will loose access to Salestrekker and will be removed from billing. All their deals and data will remain in the system under disabled user's name.

Users can be activated again, and their access to system will be reinstated.

Note: that the "Disable" option will only be available for Organization Owners.

For more details, check out our video tutorial on this topic.

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